Our Story

Our story is simple really…

boy meets girl on a blind date on June 25th, 1998…

We date for exactly THREE years having all sorts of fun (making out mostly – WHAT?! we were teenagers!!)

June 25, 2001 we get married and shortly after start our family.

Zach is born November 2002 and Alissa came along in July 2004. bing, bang, boom…there you have it!

What we’ve learned in the past 13 14 15 years :

* Although our story has a happy ending, our kids wont be dating until they are at least 24 yrs old! 17 was WAY too young!

* Just because you date someone for 3 years doesn’t mean getting married is going to be easy. It boggles my mind when I see people who date for a few months and think they are ready for marriage. With that said…

* Marriage is hard and it takes work! But aren’t things in life that are worth it supposed to take work!?

* Having two YOUNG toddlers at a young age while your hubby is off working and going to school and you are living away from friends and family (with out a car) isn’t such a great idea. Those early years were HARD!

* Moving close to friends and family (though dramatic at times) was a GOOD move for us. We love being surrounded by family and friends!

* You don’t get something for nothing. We started on the bottom, had hard times and with (consistent) hard work, we have made a nice comfortable life for ourselves and love it!

* Thirteen fourteen years passes so QUICKLY!

* (2012) Learning to love yourself is very helpful to the success of a marriage (this is what I have learned).

* Don’t let your cats out when you move, they might run away and not come back. sad.

* Having older (9.5 and 8yr old) kids makes things much easier in general. Toddlers and babies are hard!

* Legos are expensive, but a great investment!

*  (2013) There are hard times, but that makes the good times that much better.

* Less is more. Like most young people, we started out wanting more…bigger house, more space, etc and the older we get and the more we realize what life is all about, we want less and less.

* Happiness comes from with in and what you chose it to be.

EDT3WinsorPhoto-16-2125818099-OTo be continued…


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