Our Christmas

We had a nice Christmas! The kids were told not to wake mom and dad up until 9am, but they are KIDS…we woke up at 8 (I’ll take 8 and not 6 or even 7am)! We went right to opening presents and the kids (heck, we all) got spoiled (even though Santa didn’t realize he was spoiling until we saw everything we got). But it was fun…I have to admit, I love Christmas and gifts…I do! LOL! I am really not one to buy a tun of things through out the year and it’s fun to get a lot of fun things on the same day. I do however, want to spend more time teaching my kids that giving back and helping others is important too, I just didn’t do such a great job at it. But let’s not get into all the things I don’t do “such a great job at” as a mom! Anyways, we opened presents, had some breakfast and then played! Zach got right to Lego making (Legos are seriously the best toy invention ever) and Alissa rode her scooter and played with her new Rapunzel doll. The kitties even got a little stocking and enjoyed the goodies inside!We headed over to Christi’s house for lunch around 1:30 and spend a few fun hours over there eating yummy turkey, ham, rolls, mashed potatoes and just sat around chatting. It’s so nice to be around family! We (the kids and I) then headed to Mindy’s to give Grammy, Ryan and Mind their gifts and spent a few hours hanging out there. We got home just in time for bed and we enjoyed out Christmas! Lots of pictures, I love pictures! Alan got me a new Nikon Coolpix and I think I’ve finally found a point and shoot camera that I will like when I’m not using my big camera! Both of the kids sang at school, but it was for all the other students and not parents (dumb), so I wanted Alissa to sing her song on Christmas, so she sang us her song! Zach takes after his mom and was a little too shy to sing his song, but it’s okay! We love both of our kids and their differences!

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