dsc_0143-copySee this yummy sandwich? This is what we had for dinner tonight…yummy BLTs. I cooked up a pack of bacon and then Alissa and I enjoyed our sandwiches before Alan got home from work. Zach was off having fun with his friends at the new Museum of Ancient Life at Thanksgiving Point. Alan got home and enjoyed his yummy BLT and by 6:30, Zach was still off having a blast.

Jump to 8:20pm and Zach walks in the door. “We actually went this time,” he says and I ask him if he had fun. He tells me he had a great time, says he didn’t have dinner and his stomach is hurting him. I tell him he’s welcome to make something for dinner, but there is no more bacon for BLTs. He starts to cry. His stomach hurts so bad and it smells soo good in here. Again, I tell him he’s welcome to make sandwich or something before he has to go to bed and all hell breaks loose when he starts slamming cupboards and telling me that he doesn’t want a stupid sandwich. No bacon + hungry + smelling good = Tween boy thinking the worlds going to end! It was humorous, so I went and told Alan what was going on. I tell Zach he made his choice, please go brush your teeth or you wont be playing with friends tomorrow. Then again, I tell him to leave the bathroom and get in bed and I hear something (although not exactly, I may be exaggerating) like “you guys are being such mean horrible parents.  You’re talking about me to each other saying how dumb and stupid I am….” And I just lost it….laughing. Oh if only he realized how our little choice to not give into his big fit over bacon, meant that we loved him and were showing him the consequence to his actions. Some day he’ll get it. Some day he’ll laugh at the thought of throwing a fit over how good the bacon smelled…until then, Alan and I leave his room with an “I love you, buddy” and walk off saying “man, it’s hard to be a good parent sometimes.” How easy would it have been to give in and make him something to eat….but being a good parent means doing the hard things too! Walking out of his room when we knew he was hungry, sad and angry at us wasn’t easy!!

Help us survive the teen years….

Walks with Tiss

So Tiss is my little companion during the day. She loves to be where I am and today she went on a walk with me. I really didn’t expect her to go as far as she did, but she walked the cemetery with three times before she went and laid by our fence to have a break. She was so cute! She would try to keep up and then run quickly in front of me and then lag behind and do it again. She’s a good kitty!

What the cats do all day

Awe, to live a cats life! Tisses favorite things to do are lay on the fish tank, climb high, crawl under my legs in covers, lay in random spots and give us prissy little looks! Otto loves his belly scratched and bask in the sun (I’m with you on that one, Otto!!)


Ever since Aunt Amber joined our family, Alissa has loved practicing her yoga. We found a yoga mat at DI and she was excited. So much so that she sleeps with it on her bed and it cracks me up to see Otto on there…not on the part with the blanket, but on the yoga mat with her!
2014-03-23 22.11

Alissa curling

Oh my gosh, this was so fun to watch! I showed Alissa how to use my wave iron and she wanted to try herself. It was awesome. It’s hard to figure it out, so seeing her reach in weird angle was just too cute. She was so determined and excited about her results!

Lunch with this guy

Sometimes, on a whim, we’ll stop and have lunch at Kneaders and this was one of those days. I just love one on one time with my buddy, he’s a good guy. We have a good time together!

She’s cute

Some days I’m not really sure what I am doing, maybe just testing out a lens or focus…but I always grab a kid! Something I have loved about Alissa’s little face is the way her nose scrunches when she smiles. She’s a little cutie pants!

He’s handsome

This guy is so handsome and I’m not just saying that because I’m his mom. I mean, look at him! What a stud, watch out girls and mom and dad…we’ll have girls over before we know it and we’ll get to be the crazy parents who say embarrassing things to all his girlfriends 😉 Kind of like this post…love you bud!


This kid loves bedtime reading with mom. He really does. This has been something we enjoy together for a long time. He is such a sweet boy, I know he just loves the routine of it and the comfort it gives him before he heads to bed.

I like watching him read..

The Pyramid Game

      When I was a kid, I was taught how to play The Pyramid Game with cards. I am a huge fan of playing card games by myself. I can do it for hours (although these days it makes my back hurt). I thought it was time to teach the kids, they were ready 😉 HA, not really…I was playing and they wanted to learn, so I taught them. Here’s how to play :

1. Start with one card at the top, then two, three….until you have seven across the bottom.

2.  Flip three of your deck over and match cards to make 13.

3. You can only play with the exposed cards.

It’s pretty easy and fun! If you get all the cards from your pyramid, you win 🙂

Bedtime reading

There is nothing more that I love about being a mom, then to walk past their rooms at night and see them emerged in something they love. While Alissa does a lot of playing at night, she sure loves to read and get lost in stories. It’s sweet, I love this little girl!

Her shoes

Some times I look at pictures of when the kids were babies and toddlers and my heart hurts. Time goes too fast and we’ll never get that time back. I have moments where I’ll look around and see Legos on the floor or Alissa’s toys in the bath and realize that soon those things wont be there and they’ll be replaced by other age appreciate things (although, Legos will last the test of time)! I was in my bathroom and saw Alissa’s favorite shoes, a pair of worn out sneakers, and I just thought “Enjoy it while you can….” I need more reminders like that as I tend to not enjoy the little things and stress about the big…