Hey friend! I love photography and am always super excited when I get the change to photograph people! Sometimes I like like a good selfie too!

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I’m excited to be sharing this info with you today, as even the most basic tips can really help…

First things first, everyone always says you need a “good” camera to get good pictures and I disagree! Does it help? SURE…but if you follow these simple tips, you can get great images with even your little point and shoot camera! YEP, it’s TRUE!

Turn off that flash and find the light! If you are INSIDE, find a big window and open up the shades! Place your subject (most likely your kiddo) facing the window just out side of the harsh sun coming in. You should get nice even lighting across their face!

If you are OUTSIDE, head for open shade! I LOVE open shade because you have great light and don’t have to worry about harsh shadows! The best times for great lighting outside are an hour after sunrise and an hour before sun set. I LOVE setting sun photos with that gorgeous warm lighting!

2. Check your BACKGROUND

Even if you are just taking snaps inside your house, take a moment to unclutter the room. It’s surprising how many times I used to pull up images on my computer and there were socks or toys sticking out of body parts LOL! If you are outside, watch for garbage cans, cars, people, etc. Pretty soon, every time you take a picture you’ll notice those things and quickly throw them out of the way or move around them!

quick example…My adorable little daughter was playing outside. This snap of her IS cute, but with the van behind, it’s just that…a cute snap.

I moved her over a few feet to cut out the van and I got this:

3. Rule of thirds

This is a big one! The way you set up an image can take it from a boring snap shot into a great image! The main focus (so lots of time the eyes) should fall in the top 1/3 or really anywhere besides smack dab in the middle.There ARE of course exceptions to this rule, but it’s a starting point!

Thanks so much for letting me share a little bit of what I know with you all! If you found these tips helpful, go ahead and let me know in a comment.


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