Senior templates

February 19, 2014

I’m so excited to be sharing these with you guys. You know when you are working on something and just can’t stop saying “I love this?” Well, that’s how I feel about these new templates. They are fun, modern, clean, bright and will be the perfect addition to your collection this year and are so versatile you can keep and reuse them for years to come.

Below you will find senior magazines, graduation announcements, Facebook timeline covers and design cubes.

What makes these senior templates so great?!

  I’m happy to tell you! The great thing is that you can customize these to fit your clients’ individual needs. By simply changing colors, text and adding your spectacular photography, you are giving a one of a kind product that will help them to remember this special time in their lives.

Another thing to keep in mind is that just because these are “senior templates,” doesn’t mean they are exclusive to just that. You can easily add family pictures to the magazine, change text on the graduation announcements and use them for birthday invitations and use the Facebook timeline covers and design cubes for anything you’d like.

You can find them ALL and more at  Melissa Davis Designs.

Senior templates

Senior templates

Senior templates

Senior templates

Senior templates

  Senior templates

Senior templates

Senior templates

12 days of Christmas Melissa Davis Designs 2013

So,  YES, I am posting this late (oops) but all the giveaways are open for entries until the 20th at midnight, so you can come on over to my Facebook page and enter them ALL!

This is happening on Friday!

November 27, 2013

25 NEW holiday singles!

September 7, 2013

This past week I finished a project for Pro Digital Photos and I’m excited to have added 25 single holiday cards to Melissa Davis Designs.

Just for funzies I am going to give away ONE of EACH to 25 lucky winners!


5x5 slider 01_preview

mdd_4x5_5 accordion_01_preview mdd_5x5 milan 01_preview mdd_5x5 ornate trifold_01

mdd_5x5 trifold_02_preview mdd_5x5_regular_02_preview mdd_5x5_regular_preview

mdd_5x5_trifold_01 mdd_5x7 elegance_01 mdd_5x7 elegance_02

mdd_5x7 folded 01_preview mdd_5x7 folded 02_preview mdd_5x7 gatefold 01_preview

mdd_5x7 gatefold_02_preview mdd_5x7 milan 02_preview mdd_5x7 milan_01

mdd_5x7classic_01_preview mdd_5x7classic_02_preview mdd_5x7regular_01_preview

mdd_5x7regular_02_preview mdd_5x7regular_03_preview mdd_5x7regular_04_preview

mdd_5x7slider_01_preview mdd_6x9 jumbo_01_preview mdd_6x9 jumbo_02_preview

OH, I can’t even express how much I adore the wonderful stuff at Trinket & Pixie! You will find hats, headbands, leggies, wraps, pants, basket suffers and MORE at this awesome shop!

Not only will you die from the gorgeous newborn props they have there, but you get 15% off this week with the code : TRINKETLOVE



You can also find Trinket & Pixies on Facebook, show them some love!

Today I don’t have a great deal from a photo related vendor, but I’m happy to show you some NEW 2013 Holiday card templates!

As you see, this is only part one! I am working on a fun project for Pro Digital Photos and will have 25, yes TWENTY FIVE, holiday singles to share with you all when I’m done!

Head on over and check out the NEW 2013 holiday sets and while you are there, the other years of holiday sets are pretty great too!

mdd_candy cane christmas_preview

mdd_insta holiday_preview

mdd_joyful holiday_preview

mdd_merry and bright 2013_preview

mdd_merry mint_preview

mdd_simply cheerful holiday_preview

If you are a photographer you know how IMPORTANT It is to have an amazing website to show off your work right?! That’s where Creative Motion Design comes in! Their website designs are modern and fresh and amazing, you will love them!

Right now they are having an UNBELIEVABLE summer sale!! 50% off all designs…um, WOW!


Sign up for their newsletter here–>  to be registered to win a free website!

Oh what a better way to start your Monday and week with another amazing discount from Beautiful Photo Props!

Beautiful Photo Props offers a wide selection of hand crafted newborn, baby and toddler photography props including stretch knit wraps, faux fur posing rugs, wood branch owl/bird nests, hand made knit & crochet baby hats, beanies, headbands, blankets, cocoons, hammocks, stork sacks, diaper covers and other newborn photo props.  They strive to offer the highest quality craftsmanship utilizing exceptional yarn selection and are honored to be recognized as one of the top photography vendors that ships worldwide.

Take 20% off this week (Aug 19th-25th) with the code : DESIGNS20

Beatiful Props Discount for Melissa Davis Designs fans

I have featured Starlit Nest Gifts & Photo Props on the blog before because their banners are so so amazing for photography props and more!

I mean, how GORGEOUS are these for a wedding?! It’s the simple things….

Take 10% off THROUGH the end of AUGUST with the code: AUGUST2013



Okay, this one is AMAZING, let me tell you! I have DROOLED over these bags for a long long time. Ketti Handbags is offering $30 off to my wonderful followers, but hurry, because these one of a kind bags go QUICK!!! Head on over and take a peek!

$30 off any Ketti Handbag for Melissa Davis Designs followers

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